Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Okay, first the lunches, then the news.

-- Raspberries;
-- Turkey sandwich; orange bell pepper;
-- Cucumbers;
-- Dried cranberries.

-- English muffin;
-- Cucumber slices;
-- Raspberries;
-- Almonds and raisins;
--  Frittata; bacon.

-- Pluot; carrot sticks;
-- Hummus; date-coconut bar;
-- Lemon (knife is included, not shown;
-- Sandwich.
Yes, my husband will cut up a lemon and eat it plain. I don't, but I see the appeal; at least lemon tastes better than grapefruit.

So now the news. As faithful readers (all six of you?) have noticed, I have not been posting often. No worries: life here is good. The lapses in blogging have happened because, to be completely candid, I have better things to do.

Don't get me wrong: we love food around here, and I still pack my husband's lunch two to four days a week, plus the occasional meal for a picnic or whatever (we're looking forward to one Saturday, in fact). But I'm no longer finding food blogging rewarding enough to merit a commitment to posting very regularly. I am homeschooling my Toddlebug, I've somehow wound up on two church committees, I have to put time into keeping the house from sliding from "lived in" to, um, slovenly (yay for the FLYLady!), and my cat apparently considers me full-time staff. And for some reason my dear husband would rather have me make dinner than tell the Internet about lunch! (Actually, I prefer that too--if he is in charge of dinner... well, he can't be in charge of dinner. Did I mention I'm a picky eater?) Plus, if I don't read a couple of books a week, get some exercise, knit for charity occasionally, cuddle up to my husband often, and get outside once in a while, I have trouble with my AoG (attitude of gratitude) and slip into more of a B---- range, which is not how I like to be.

TL; DR: It's time to make sure my time is invested in ways that meet important needs and support my personal goals.
  • This blog will revert to its old URL, http://www.basicbento.blogspot.com, in a few weeks.
  • I will update if and when I have something interesting to show you.
Meanwhile, go visit the other blogs in the blogroll over on the right. Surf Pinterest for something veggielicious instead of all those crazy Cool-Whip-based desserts. Shop at the Farmers' Market and make something awesome for yourself and the people you love!

Take care.