Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Tuesday again!

We are closing in on the end of the school year, fighting weeds that want to take over the yard, and keeping an umbrella handy--must be spring!

A hodgepodge of vegetarian lunches for your perusal this week:  =)

-- Cantaloupe;
-- Cheese sandwich with mustard and tomato, halved and stacked to fit;
-- Celery.

-- Sandwich: peanut butter with chocolate almond butter on wheat;
-- Sweet potato chips;
-- Strawberries; cucumber slices.

-- Fresh pineapple;
-- Apple pancake;
-- Broccoli;
-- Strawberries; pumpkin bread baked in mini bundt pan.

-- Cantaloupe;
-- Celery
-- Banana cake (frozen since Easter);
-- PB & CAB on wheat.

-- Mini pumpkin muffin; peanuts; hummus for carrots;
-- Carrot sticks;
-- Yogurt-covered raisins;
-- Strawberries;
-- Cheese sandwich with Dijon mustard and tomato.

Have a great week!