Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New schedule

Here are some new lunches. For now, I'm going to start updating this blog only on Tuesdays; I need to be spending less time at the computer. That means you'll usually get to see several lunches at once, like this!

-- Watermelon;
-- Banana cake (shaped like an Easter basket);
-- Broccoli and hummus;
-- Braunschweiger and saltines.

-- Broccoli and hummus;
-- Almonds; sandwich (ham on multigrain bread);
-- Date-coconut dessert.

DIY nachos (ground turkey with taco spices, salsa, cheese, jalapeƱos, tortilla chips) plus an orange.

-- Sandwich, almonds and tortilla chips;
-- Hard-boiled egg;
-- Orange bell pepper strips.