Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lazy bento

You say "lazy"; I say "basic." Okay, fine, lazy. Here's one of T's lunches:

-- Organic fruit puree;
-- Broccoli crunchies;
-- Celery and tomato;
-- Peanut butter and chocolate almond butter on honey wheat with car imprint.
Not shown: milk. T loved this lunch and ate everything.

And here are a couple of my husband's:

-- Pistachios; ham and cheese sandwich;
-- Roma tomato;
-- Blueberries;
-- Cranberry granola bite. (Recipe from here, with dried cranberries instead of chocolate chips)

-- Ham and cheese sandwich; tomatoes on kale;
-- Hard-boiled egg;
-- Celery with peanut butter.

Here's what my friend Mrs. Turkeybird made for her husband's lunch this morning:

L-R: gummy vitamins, almonds & chopped prunes, Greek yogurt parfait, applesauce.  Turkey & spinach sandwich.