Thursday, January 5, 2012

Basic Birthday & Giveaway

My little Toddlebug is FOUR! Just amazing. That tiny, weeks-early baby whose little ears weren't even folded over yet, and who absolutely swam in newborn-sized clothes is now a tall, story-telling, big-kids'-slide-using, counting-to-fourteen, rhyming... Big Kid. Wow.

For the preschool class snack, I sent in carrot cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting (both recipes from The Joy of Cooking; the cupcakes are just the carrot cake recipe without the walnuts).

Lunch for my four-year-old(!):

-- Banana "pudding" (a Gerber puree) with four blueberries;
-- Four strawberries;
-- American cheese 4 with four hearts;
-- Sandwich (peanut butter and chocolate almond butter on wheat), quartered.
As a special treat, I included chocolate milk to drink.

My husband's lunch is in glass:

-- Broccoli; grape tomatoes; Braunschweiger sandwich;
-- Peanuts;
-- Carrot muffin (well, unfrosted cupcake);
-- Hummus for the broccoli.
It all fits into the carrying case for the Laptop Lunch 2.0.

In honor of kiddo's special day,
I'm having a giveaway! 

The winner will receive his/her choice of

One entry each for...
  • a comment on this post with the name of your favorite book for preschool-aged kids or their parents;
  • Liking Basic Bento on Facebook and commenting here to tell me so;
  • Adding me to your blogroll (post a link in your comment so I can find it);
  • Following @basicbento on Twitter and commenting here to tell me so;
  • Tweeting about the giveaway (with @basicbento mentioned so I can see it!) and commenting here to tell me so.
The drawing is now closed. Sawlibrarian is the winner! 
Thanks for reading!

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