Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's go with "eclectic."

Toddlebug's lunch for preschool:

-- Cucumber and Roma tomato slices and a mozzarella person;
-- Mango;
-- Sliced strawberries (maple syrup in the dip container);
-- Whole-wheat pancakes and a strawberry heart.
The box came back empty except--as I expected--for the cheese. The child does not like much in the way of cheese, meat, or beans; nuts are not allowed at school (choking hazard); and yogurt works better for breakfast. O well.

My husband's lunch for work:

-- Cucumber and Roma tomato slices;
-- Pluot;
-- Cashews;
--  Saltine crackers; ham slices wrapped around mozzarella.

Local: cucumber, tomato, mozzarella, eggs (in the pancakes).
Organic: cucumber, tomato, mango, strawberries, syrup, pluot, cashews, ham.

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