Monday, June 6, 2011

Two for one

First, possibly the World's Ugliest Anniversary Bento. I could've added carrot hearts, but in all honesty, my husband doesn't like carrots that much. These are foods he enjoys.

-- Black beans with onions, a little ground beef, and taco spices;
-- Blueberries;
-- Cashews;
-- Corn;
-- Cinnamon graham cracker and Nutella sandwich for dessert.
The containers are a Mason jar, two 4-oz. jelly jars, a Pyrex rectangle and a Sistema plastic box.

And then here's his lunch for today in a Laptop Lunch:

-- Roast beef and cheddar roll-ups;
-- Red grapes;
-- Green bell pepper;
-- Tuna bowtie salad (recipe from C is for Cooking).

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Bento Lunch

Full disclosure: To close the lid, I had to take a couple of the pepper strips and put them in with the roll-ups.

Lots of organic stuff in this second one--in fact, everything except the ground pepper in the salad and the tuna, which was pole-caught, wild, and from the U.S. (Most canned tuna nowadays seems to be from Thailand.) In the first lunch, I used organic onions, cashews, graham crackers and corn, and local beef and local, organic blueberries. I usually choose organic black beans, but not this time.
My husband gave me the pressure cooker I wanted for our anniversary, plus a copy of The Just Bento Cookbook by Makiko Itoh--definitely worth reading! I can't wait to use them.