Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Toddlebug's school lunch for today:

-- Carrots; cucumber;
-- Corn;
-- Blueberries;
-- Half a sandwich (peanut butter with raspberry jam).

Happy summer solstice! I'm not a fan of the weather--around here, it's work to keep the humidity below 50% in the house with the air conditioning on--but I have to admit, the food is awesome.
My husband is home sick today and really trying to get better by tomorrow, when I'll be leaving him and Toddlebug to fend for themselves for a few days while I'm out of town. (Well, "fend for themselves" in the sense of dressing in the clean clothes I've laid out, looking at the menu I set up and eating the groceries I bought, going on a couple of outings I've suggested and bringing the bag I packed...) =)
I'll try to do a post tomorrow, and then I have a recipe for you on Friday and probably no more until next Tuesday.