Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A little of this, a little of that...

Preschool lunch for Thursday:

-- Homemade vanilla yogurt with blackberries;
-- Corn;
-- Brown rice;
-- Token broccoli with ranch dressing; grape tomatoes.

Local: milk I used to make the yogurt; broccoli. Tomatoes are regional.
Organic: blackberries, corn, tomatoes, broccoli, starter used for yogurt, milk for drinking (not shown).
Natural: rice, dressing.
Packaging: Broccoli sold in bulk, and the milk for yogurt-making comes in returnable glass bottles. Other items were packaged. Unfortunately, we can't recycle clamshell containers or #5 plastic here. The Laptop Lunch boxes are BPA-free plastic and made in USA. I've recently told Anchor Hocking how much I'd like a glass option.
Colors/Balance: red, yellow, green (came back uneaten), purple, brown, white. I would've sent nuts (for protein/fat) instead of the yogurt since I'm also including milk, except the preschool considers them a choking hazard. Otherwise a good lunch, I think.

And a grown-up lunch for my husband:

-- Roast beef sandwich on multigrain bread with heart, with broccoli tucked in the corners;
-- Blackberries;
-- Tomatoes.

The bread is local and natural (and spoils fast if not frozen!). Roast beef and mustard are organic. I decided to use a food marker for the heart... sometimes I wish I hadn't bought those.
If you know a great recipe for a bread machine sandwich loaf (1.5 or 2 lb.), please let me know!