Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Meal Tuesday

I had sort of planned to continue the shape theme today with rectangles. Now, don't get me wrong, T likes to have interesting-looking lunches... but even better are just favorite foods. To really make my preschooler happy, I have to get out fruit and something with Most Favored Vegetable status. (Or cake, but we're not having any birthdays this week!) So I went that route instead and saved myself the washing of cookie cutters this time.

Trademark issues aside (unlike me as a child, T refuses to eat a capital-H, capital-M Happy Meal), what constitutes a "happy meal" for you and your kids?

For me, it's fast to prepare; food Toddlebug likes; and leaves me with neither guilt (like a McD's Happy Meal) nor a big mess to clean up (like a complicated meal with lots of things to wash by hand).

So that's what I sent for lunch today: a (lowercase) happy meal. No theme, since corn trumps rectangles around here. Making this took just eight minutes, including getting everything out. T got a peek in the lunchbox before school and declared, "I'm gonna eat it all up!"

-- Cantaloupe with an elephant pick;
-- Edamame;
-- Dried cranberries;
-- Corn on the cob;
-- Half a peanut butter and black raspberry jam sandwich on whole wheat bread, plus a few slices of celery (which went uneaten).

Bento Lunch