Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A blogiversary already!

Wow, it's been a year this Friday since I started this blog. Nearly 200 posts, including themed posts for the entire alphabet. Over 50 subscribers, over 60 Twitter followers, and 50 Facebook likes.

And it all started because my dear sweet Toddlebug cannot possibly go more than two hours without eating, so I had to bring food everywhere even before preschool started--and luckily my child is not a fan of meat, so fast food was not even really a just-once-in-a-while temptation--and because my dear sweet husband was indeed eating a fair amount of fast food and ramen noodles rather than making himself a decent lunch to bring to work.

Because I believe that everyone should have access to nutritious food, I'm going to celebrate my blogiversary by making donations to some groups that work every day to help provide food for those who are hungry. If you've not followed, subscribed, or liked Basic Bento yet, please do so by Friday. I will get the numbers Friday night and give...
  • 25 cents to my local food bank in honor of each Basic Bento subscriber and for each blogger who posts the link to this post (show me your link in the comments, please!);
  • 30 cents to a local food shuttle program (which prevents food waste by transporting excess from grocery stores etc. to agencies that can give food away in a matter of hours!) for each person who Likes the Basic Bento Facebook page;
  • 50 cents to The Hunger Project for each Twitter follower!
That means not just new followers, but also those of you who have been here all along.
Thanks for being here and for doing your part to feed yourself, your family, and your community.

Please consider setting TheHungerSite.com or FreeRice.com as your home page
so you remember to click and help the hungry every day!

UPDATE:  Thanks for your support! I donated $33 to The Hunger Project. The food bank has a matching program right now, so our $15 will become $30. I rounded up to $20 for the food shuttle just because they're cool. :)