Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Alphabento: X is for xylophone.

So as you know, few words begin with X. For this week's alphabento, then, I mostly chose X-shaped items.

-- Raspberry sauce for the pancake; X cookie; carrots in an X, plus more carrots;
-- Cantaloupe X in "pudding" (baby food fruit);
-- Soy dog X (as I expected, it came back uneaten);
-- Pancake xylophone with pretzel stick mallet.
Not shown: milk, as usual, to drink.

 For my husband:

-- Carrots and hummus;
-- Pretzel sticks;
-- Raisins;
-- Soy dog & cheese wrap in corn tortilla, mustard on the side; bluerries.
Not shown: popcorn with taco spices; strawberry fruit leather.

Bento Lunch