Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lunch for my Valentine:
-- Homemade tortillas (in the Take Along container).
-- Stuffings for them in the Lock & Lock: spinach, shredded cheese; black beans and onions with taco spices; tomatoes; and corn (which he'll probably eat separately).
-- In the Snack Taxi bag, hot sauce packets, fork and spoon, napkin, and a candy surprise.

No, it's not a hearts-and-roses kind of Valentine's Day lunch. But it's a healthy, homemade version of food he likes (though I don't). (Fear not: Toddlebug's V lunch tomorrow will be all heart-y and Valentine-y.)

It's all (including a glass plate to eat from) wrapped up in a piece of flannel because nothing else I have made sense for this meal. Japanese word of the day: furoshiki (a piece of cloth for wrapping stuff up in). I'll add an ice pack right before he leaves.

Just realized this is our SEVENTEENTH Valentine's Day, if you count the one right before he asked me out. (He sent me a gift anonymously; I couldn't guess who sent it, either.) Time flies when you're in love! <3