Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Alphabento T

For my Toddlebug today:

-- Turtle (green apple and grapes);
-- Tortellini;
-- Triangles (cantaloupe) with a tiger pick;
-- Turkey (with cheese) on a tortilla.

I think the turtle shell will look better once it browns a bit, but as much as I love my paring knife, it would've been better to use an x-acto knife for that. (I don't have one.) I considered sending tea to drink, but decided on milk as usual instead.

Other T ideas: tuna, taco, toast, tangerine, tomato, broccoli "trees"; trucks, trains, tiger, telephone, toy box, tutu.

For my husband:

-- The rest of the apple;
-- Cantaloupe;
-- Peanut butter cookies;
-- Cauliflower;
-- Ham wrap with a few grape tomatoes.

Bento Lunch