Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alphabento: O is for Oranges

Toddlebug's lunch for preschool:

-- Olives (a new food for T, though I use the oil a lot for cooking),
-- Cheerios,
-- Orange,
-- O-shaped PB & J, with some spinach puffs because they're sort of round, too.

Will this child come home and ask for "more sandwich"? Pretty much guaranteed.
 I may be reprimanded for failing to use Nutella this time. :)
Other O foods: oatmeal (our breakfast today), orzo.
Other O themes: owl, ostrich, octopus.

For my husband:

-- Brown rice,
-- Cherry tomatoes,
-- The rest of the orange, and some peanuts,
-- Leftover take-out (General Tso's chicken with broccoli).

My husband and I are sick (T gave us this bug but is over it now), so I didn't make him lunch for Monday, though he did decide to go to work. Thus the "easy" theme all around.