Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alphabento: N is not for nectarine...

Sadly, nectarines are not available here this time of year. However, this was the perfect time for us to try Nutella, and Toddlebug does like it. Normally I'm not one to mention brand names (the bread starts with N, too, now that I think of it), but "hazelnut cocoa spread" neither starts with N nor rolls off the tongue!

-- Homemade chicken nuggets (recipe from C is for Cooking; organic saltines for the breading) with mustard for dipping,
-- N cookie,
-- Noodles, plus peas because this lunch was utterly devoid of veggie goodness!,
-- Nutella sandwich on honey wheat bread.
Not shown: milk to drink as usual.

Other N ideas: nest, name, navy, night, notes, nutcracker, nurse.
Other N foods: nuts (not allowed at T's preschool).

For my husband:

-- Mini bagel with Nutella,
-- Green bell pepper strips,
-- Little pear I found while searching for nectarines, surrounded by dried cranberries,
-- Ham, cheese and tomato sandwich toasted in the waffle iron.

Shared as part of What's for Lunch Wednesday. Go see what everyone's been making!