Thursday, November 18, 2010

Basic is Beautiful.

On one hand, this is the kind of lunch that makes me ask, "That's it?" I mean, look. There's not a lot to it.
But on the other hand, I can see that I sometimes forget my goal is simply a healthy meal that can be enjoyed away from home. And this one was: Toddlebug ate everything except about half the tomatoes, and that's quite good for a kid who's not yet three.

-- Chocolate zucchini muffin; peas,
-- Grape tomatoes,
-- Apples with an elephant pick,
-- Half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with heart imprint.

For my husband:

-- Pastrami and tomato sandwich on homemade bread with heart imprint,
-- Almonds,
-- Tangerine,
-- Prunes,
-- Sliced apple with cinnamon sugar.