Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Alphabento: K is for Kite.

 Toddlebug's lunch for Tuesday:

-- Kidney bean salad (with spinach, but obviously you'd want to use kale if you have any),
-- Kite (cheese),
-- Kiwi (no kangaroo pick, so I went with the king of beasts!),
-- K pancake and mini PB and J.

Other K ideas: keys, koala, kangaroo, kittens.

My husband's lunch (sorry, I know the photo is absolutely shrieking THIS WAS TAKEN WITH A FLASH!):

-- Two mini chocolate zucchini muffins,
-- Tangerine,
-- Kielbasa and peppers and onions,
-- Peanuts,
-- Cherry tomatoes,
-- Pastrami and cheese sandwich.

Can you tell I'm trying to ease him back into work after a long weekend?

Bento Lunch