Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alphabento: J is for Jam

Toddlebug rather liked this one (and asked for another sandwich after school), but didn't eat the sweet potato.

-- Jigglers (orange juice, pineapple juice, sugar, and unflavored gelatin)--which we have not tried before--with a few mango J's,
-- J's (cheese) on peas,
-- J cut from a baked sweet potato,
-- PB and J half on honey wheat bread.

Between the jam in "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" and the sandwich and cookies in "If You Take a Mouse to School," Toddlebug's food interests nowadays owe a lot to Laura Numeroff!
Toddlebug is still at the beginning of understanding phonics, so I did not feel like jicama or a jalapeƱo would be a great choice because of their H sound. A jungle theme would be great (and that's how I have the toys set up this week).

For my husband:

-- Hard-boiled egg; red bell pepper,
-- Jiggler with heart cutout,
-- Chocolate zucchini muffin,
-- PB and J.

Bento Lunch