Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alphabento: I is for Indian food

Since ice cream is not a bento-friendly food...

-- Banana
-- Yogurt in an old baby food container--That's why the Laptop Lunch 2.0s have more containers with lids!
-- Curried barley
-- Naan with a couple of I's imprinted in it using a fondant cutter.

I was disappointed to find that the mango I bought the other night was still not ripe yet, so the banana is a stand-in. Toddlebug won't mind, I'm sure. I decided after taking the picture to cut the banana up before school: I didn't want to take up the teacher's time peeling it.

For my husband:

-- Curried chickpeas (store-bought)
-- Yogurt
-- Curried barley
-- Naan.