Monday, October 25, 2010

Alphabento: H is for Heart

Toddlebug's lunch for preschool Tuesday:

-- Hummus and raw veggies: cucumber, carrot, celery, and token bell pepper.
-- Ham (which gets my vote for Least Likely to Be Eaten).
-- Honeydew.
-- Hearts (bread).

I love an excuse to have hummus, don't you?

More H foods: hot dog, hamburger, herring, haddock, hush puppies.
Other H ideas: helicopter, Halloween, house, hats, horse, hippo, hammer, hexagon.

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My husband's lunch:

-- Taco salad (spinach, onions, ground beef with taco spices, tomatoes, celery, carrot, bell pepper, and I swear that's only like a teaspoon of cheese, but it was very crumbly)
-- Honeydew melon
-- Tortilla chips (salsa in the little red container).

Shared as part of What's for Lunch Wednesday. Go see what's new in bento this week!