Monday, October 11, 2010

Alphabento: F is for fish.

And very apt timing, since we spent this weekend at the beach, including an aquarium visit and a ferry ride!

Toddlebug's lunch for preschool Tuesday:

-- Fruit salad (with a fork rather than a pick),
-- Fish-shaped crackers (garden cheddar flavor),
-- Fish-shaped hard-boiled egg (half),
-- Fish-shaped tuna sandwich with cucumber skin dot for the eye.

This egg mold definitely worked well with an extra-large egg.

Other F foods: frittata; figs; French fries, if you like, but Toddlebug had plenty of those over the weekend; or fudge, for that matter. I looked at Fig Newtons in the grocery store, but the ingredients were not satisfactory to me.
Other F themes: farm, fire or fire trucks, flowers, feet, a flute, flight (maybe birds, helicopters and airplanes), friends, fox in a forest (broccoli trees?), flag, Ferris wheel at a fair.

My husband's lunch:

-- Fruit salad,
-- Hard-boiled egg,
-- Cucumber and tomato slices, which he might choose to put on the sandwich,
-- Tuna sandwich.

Not shown: all-natural microwave popcorn with taco spices.

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