Monday, October 4, 2010

Alphabento: E is for Eat!

Toddlebug's preschool lunch for Tuesday:

-- English muffin (three-fourths of the small half)
-- Eggplant, sauteed, with pizza sauce in the dip container
-- Egg (half) face, inspired by the Sesame Street cookbook C is for Cooking. The features are made of carrot except the nose, which is celery.
-- Edamame
-- Edam cheese E's (E is for expensive!)
-- E-shaped tater tots  (3).
There's an elephant pick on the side to be used as desired.

My husband's lunch:

-- Green beans with--sing along if you know the words!--Italian dressing in the mayo cup
-- Grape tomatoes
-- Hard-boiled egg
-- Ham sandwich on whole-wheat sandwich round, plus some carrot sticks.

If you're new to the blog, welcome! Keep in mind that I don't usually stop to say that the vegetables are local and organic, the ham is all natural, etc., but that's normally how we eat.

Shared as part of What's for Lunch Wednesday--go see what other people have been packing for lunch this week!