Friday, September 3, 2010

TSA-friendly lunch

In the Lock & Lock, my I-don't-wanna-pay-airport-prices lunch (clockwise from top left):

-- Cucumber, kidney beans and tomato, with just a few drops of salad dressing mixed in. Bunny pick.
-- Onigiri (shaped sushi rice) heart with a few blueberries around the edges.
-- Crackers and cheese.
-- Hard-boiled egg, shaped like a car; frozen grapes (separated with parchment paper): the grapes will keep the egg cool.

Not shown: a zucchini muffin and mini pumpkin muffin from the freezer, carried in a reusable yogurt container.

Wish me luck--it's my first time away from Toddlebug, unless you count the NICU. I'll be back Monday night. Oh, and preschool starts Tuesday morning! Tune in for the first episode of Alphabento, our letter-themed Tuesday lunches. =)