Saturday, September 18, 2010

Flying Bento #3: In-flight Breakfast

My husband hates to travel--he's tall and he gets sick easily and he just would rather be home--so it's fortunate that he rarely has to travel for work. I think it's been at least four years or so... but this time, it was evidently not only necessary for him to go, but to take a little bitty airplane that leaves just before sunrise.
The least I could do was to pack him something to eat, right?
So that everything would be disposable, I used a square plastic container from a frozen dessert. But to cover the dessert design on the lid, I cut a piece of Toddlebug's artwork to fit and secured it with tape.
After I took the picture, I added a love note in the white areas.

As for the food...
-- Candy he likes
-- Grapes and almonds (in old baby food containers)
-- Mini bagel sandwich (Dijon mustard, turkey, Colby Jack cheese, tomato)
-- Banana muffin and two mini pumpkin muffins.