Monday, September 13, 2010

Flying Bento #2: Star and Car

My dad was visiting this weekend (yay!) and left today with this disposable bento. (Idea found at, but I used a smaller clamshell container and a little rice cup inside.) So it was all finger foods, and no liquids.

-- Car-shaped hard-boiled egg in a paper muffin cup liner, underneath which are frozen grapes to keep it cold, all in a leftover instant rice cup.
-- Tomatoes
-- Star-shaped sushi rice.

Not shown: frozen chocolate zucchini muffin (with napkins). I piled it all into a paper lunch bag so that the muffin could also help keep things cool. Not exactly art, but it beats grabbing overpriced fast food during a short layover when it's already an hour or two past lunchtime, which would've been his other option!

See the Recipes and Tips page for details about how to make your eggs and rice into shapes.