Sunday, September 12, 2010

Clean-out-the-fridge Monday

Sometimes I plan a lunch very carefully ahead of time; that's what you'll see with the B alphabentos this week, for example. But there are times when it's just a matter of fitting in what I have. My husband's lunch for tomorrow is in the Laptop Lunch 2.0:

-- Fish-shaped hard-boiled egg; sliced cucmber
-- Chocolate zucchini muffin, made today
-- Grapes on picks
-- Heart-shaped rice, surrounded with carrots
-- Tomatoes; ham and cheese stick wrap.

The egg was a little small--"large" eggs vary a lot!--so the fish doesn't have a tail. I used the last of the ham and the honey mustard in the wrap, and the last of the carrots.

Coming this week: another travel lunch (for my dad); two B-themed preschool lunches; and regular lunches for my husband.