Monday, September 27, 2010

Alphabento: D is for Diamonds

D is more of a challenge than any of the previous letters. (Check the index of a cookbook to compare!)

Toddlebug's D-themed preschool lunch:

-- Ditalini pasta
-- Strawberry D's and diamonds (I was going to add the dog pick, but D is not a pick-friendly shape!)
-- Dumpling (store-bought, chicken and cabbage), cut up, over brown rice
-- Diamond-shaped sandwich (turkey and cheese with a dab of Dijon).

Obviously, we're going with a veggielicious dinner tonight! I'll make pizza with spinach and carrots in the sauce. And peas for snacktime.

Other D foods you might use: dates, deviled egg, Danish or doughnut.
D themes: dolls, ducks, dump truck.

My husband's lunch was faster and looks better to me, but of course it doesn't have a theme:

-- Celery and peanut butter, plus a couple of carrot sticks
-- Strawberries
-- Brown rice with a little carrot heart
-- Dumplings with some red bell pepper.

Shared as part of What's for Lunch Wednesday--go see what's over there and post your own, too!