Monday, September 13, 2010

Alphabento: B is for Bears

Tuesday's preschool lunch features the letter B:

-- Bananas and blueberries with a bear pick
-- Bread (with lowercase b's written with a food marker)
-- Bear-shaped rice
-- Bell peppers
-- Black beans.

I tried to use a fondant cutter to make B's from the pepper, but it just made a mess. (Those pieces are in my husband's box; I bet he won't notice.) Then I tried it on the banana, but that made a mess also (so I ate it!). There are enough B foods that I will be doing another one on Thursday.

My husband's lunch:

-- Hard-boiled egg; rice star (the other half of the one I sent with my dad)
-- Blueberries
-- Red bell pepper, with a cucumber heart on top
-- Barbecue chicken leg.

Shared as part of What's for Lunch Wednesday. Go see what else people have been making!