Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wrap and veggies

We're always just about out of fruit for Wednesday's lunches--we get our "veggie box" on Wednesdays--and there really haven't been leftovers from dinner the past couple of nights. Toddlebug may or may not eat chicken on any given night, but Japanese butter chicken (made without the sake) does not stand a chance around here, and neither do sweet potato fries.
I actually found myself browsing the archives on this blog to remind me of things to make so that my husband's lunch would not be exactly the same as yesterday's. Finally I came up with this:

-- Raisins; celery with peanut butter
-- Zucchini bread
-- Red and green bell peppers
-- Wrap (whole wheat tortilla, cheese stick, mayo, turkey, and spinach) with a couple of carrot sticks to prevent sliding.

I think that'll do. It's interesting that the Laptop Lunch has become our default lunchbox. I sort of thought it would be the Mr. Bento, but since I'm not packing a lot of soup and rice dishes (It is 95 degrees out!), the round shape is sometimes an obstacle.

Shared as part of What's for Lunch Wednesday.