Thursday, August 26, 2010

Practice for Preschool

I packed my husband's lunch, as I now do most days, in the Laptop Lunch 2.0:

-- Sandwich (leftover roasted chicken, cheese, honey mustard on multigrain bread) with the last of the carrots and celery tucked into the corners
-- Chocolate zucchini muffin from the freezer
-- Grapes on picks (fork for salad underneath)
-- Salad (spinach, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper) with Italian dressing in the little elephant cup.

Then since we're going to the park I packed a snack for Toddlebug in the Lunchbots:

-- Grapes, halved
-- Frozen peas
-- Puffs

Finally, I packed a lunch in the LL 1.0 to share with Toddlebug:

-- Chocolate zucchini muffin; crackers
-- Mini pizza (made alongside pizza for dinner Thursday night--organic whole wheat crust, organic store-bought sauce)
-- Almonds
-- Cucumbers and tomatoes (and some spinach underneath) with a little Italian dressing in the red container. The dressing may or may not get used, but I didn't want to cut into a new tomato to fill that space.
-- PB & J on a wheat tortilla.