Sunday, August 15, 2010

Laptop Lunch: Pancakes

I love leftovers that can be used for lunch the next day.

Clockwise from top left:
-- Roma tomato; green pepper
-- Plum, cut to fit
-- Cheese, partly hidden by lettuce; car-shaped hard-boiled egg
-- Blueberry syrup (just blueberries cooked with a little sugar while the pancakes were cooking), a few extra fresh blueberries, and pancakes.

If I wanted to be a little fancier, I could've done a design on the top pancake (with a little cookie cutter or a food marker) and stuck some carrot sticks in with the pepper... but Sunday night is grocery shopping night, so not this time. That's what makes it basic bento, right?

Today I decided to go ahead and order a Laptop Lunch 2.0 kit, the Bento Buddies, and an extra ice pack. I think I may want the same set-up for both Toddlebug and my husband many times this fall, and I find myself using the LL 1.0 more often than our other boxes. But I picked a different color scheme so I won't get the 1.0 and 2.0 containers mixed up.
Yes, I used my own discount code. ;)
I also ordered a genuine, made-in-Japan two-tiered bento box that I hope all three of us will get some use from. I used to wonder how people wound up with so many different lunchboxes....