Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Basic Sandwich Bento

In the Laptop Lunch 2.0 (using the largest Bento Buddies container):

-- Turkey and cheese sandwich on wheat bread, with celery in between and baby carrot in the corners
-- Peanut butter for the celery; the last of the cherry tomatoes and some cucumber and baby carrots
-- Far right: blueberry mini muffin, halved to fit (and a little spreader* for the peanut butter)
-- Hard-boiled egg, tiny pieces of celery (and leaves for cushioning) and more carrots.

I think this would work great for a kid, too, except you might peel the egg for him/her and maybe send a little dressing for the vegetables. Raisins, too, for ants on a log.

* The spreader, along with a great little shape cutter I use for bread, came from montessoriservices.com -- not somewhere I'd have thought to look for bento-making items.