Monday, August 30, 2010

Bagel sandwich and veggies

In the Laptop Lunch 2.0 with Bento Buddies:

-- Bagel sandwich with tomato, turkey, cheese, and mustard
-- Peas
-- Steamed butternut squash
-- Blueberry and pumpkin mini-muffins

Toddlebug and I made the pumpkin muffins this morning. We ate all the raspberries today, so none to use for tomorrow!
Looking at the photo, I could've surrounded the sandwich and muffins with grapes (or with carrots), but I think this really is enough food already. For that matter, I could've turned the big container upside down and added a little cheese or cucumber to emphasize the way the muffins would look like two eyes and the bagel, a mouth. But my husband would think that was kind of silly. ;P