Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Okay, the experienced bento-makers out there may laugh at this one (if they read it at all), but I'll share my discovery for the sake of my fellow beginners: Sure, egg molds are great for shaping rice--but so is your smallest measuring cup! (After the rice is packed in there, just tap the measuring cup on something--like the side of a plastic container--until it falls out, which took maybe 30 seconds for me.)

Clockwise from top left in the Laptop Lunch:

-- Peas surrounding rice. The two outer shapes are from my 1/8 cup dry measuring cup (turned on their sides to fit); while the central heart of course is from an egg mold.
-- Blueberry-banana mini muffins surrounded by more blueberries.
-- Red peppers and tomatoes, divided.
-- Baby carrots; teriyaki chicken.