Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Zucchini bread is a vegetable, right?

In the Laptop Lunchbox:

-- cantaloupe and blueberries
-- snack mix
-- chocolate zucchini bread
-- roll-ups: whole-wheat tortilla, turkey, Colby Jack (I think) cheese stick, honey mustard. I would've put in some spinach if we had any just now.
-- plum.

I considered including tomatoes and cucumbers instead of the zucchini bread (and maybe throwing in a granola bar on the side), but I just sent cucumbers and tomatoes with him today (in an entirely unblogworthy lunch--no photo).
The cantaloupe is local, the blueberries local and pesticide-free, the turkey nitrate/nitrite-free, the plum organic. I don't usually mention details like that, but I do prefer all-natural foods, and I choose the organic version when it's available for a reasonable price.

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