Thursday, July 22, 2010

Snack in a new box

I packed a snack for Toddlebug in my new Lock & Lock box:

-- Cucumber
-- Red bell pepper
-- Celery; cheese
-- Grape tomatoes.

I like that it has more compartments than our little LunchBots in about the same amount of space, and that it's microwave- and dishwasher-safe. I'm not a fan of Made in China, although at least the price was reasonable and it was marked BPA-Free. I think we'll use it often for snacks, especially when Toddlebug starts preschool in September and has to bring both a snack and a lunch. It's too small for a lunch for an adult, I think. I'd have to choose carefully to pack enough calories.
I also got the mini labels I ordered from a Canadian company called Oliver's Labels--woohoo! I got one set with just our phone number (and stuck the first one on my laptop--computer, that is) and the other with my husband and Toddlebug's last name. So when the new box is all clean (Toddlebug didn't go for the pepper today), I will probably put a little label on each piece (6 total). I figure it's worth sticking one on anything that's worth more than the label, and they weren't expensive at all.