Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Poolside snack and Circle snack

Yesterday, I thought I could use my frigoverre container inside the Laptop Lunchbox so I'd have a lid for the pineapple...

but it was too deep, so I had to pull out the lidded container from the extra insert set I bought (realizing we have a knack for losing things). Snack for the pool:

-- Peas; grape tomatoes
-- Goldfish crackers
-- Tortilla chips
-- Pineapple

Today we went to a kids' museum, and I went with a circle theme for Toddlebug's snack. My inner containers were not up to the task, though, and the Cheerios and peas were jumbled by snacktime.

In the top layer of the tiffin: circles of turkey and cheese.
Blueberries and grapes in the small container. Cheerios and peas in muffin liners.