Thursday, April 22, 2010

Take Your Toddlebug to Work Day

Toddlebug went to work with Daddy this morning, so they both got a packed lunch (and Toddlebug also needed a morning snack).

In the snack box:
-- half a blueberry muffin,
-- letter cookies (which spell the name of Daddy's workplace!),
-- diced raw carrots.
Not shown: water.

In the lunchbox, clockwise from top left:
-- edamame,
-- car-shaped hard-boiled egg,
-- "pudding" (fruit),
-- strawberry yogurt,
-- half a PB&J,
-- zesty tomato crunchies for toddlers.
Not shown: box of milk.

My husband's lunchbox is not so bento-friendly, so there's not much to see....

In the sports bag is a PB & J; in the guitar bag, the other half of the muffin; in the jelly jar, raw carrots (plus Italian dressing in the little elephant cup); in the rectangular container, edamame and a heart-shaped egg. Not shown: water.