Friday, March 19, 2010

What's Ahead

Right now, bento is just lunch on the go--typically at a park. In a few months, though, I will have a special project: Alphabento! You see, Toddlebug is taking an interest in the ABCs (a little early, in my opinion, but I'm okay with that) and will be attending nursery school two mornings a week, which entails a packed snack and lunch.
So I have a great opportunity: to foster Toddlebug's interest in the alphabet and fun new foods while packing the lunch I'd have to make anyway. Imagine the possibilities... Let's say we're thinking about the letter T. Okay, I can make a turtle from a green apple and grapes, maybe over brown rice to represent sand. In another compartment, there might be turkey, tuna, or tofu--perhaps in triangles--necessarily some tomatoes (one of Toddlebug's favorites, so maybe one small container is just tomatoes)--and in the last little box, perhaps a treat or some broccoli "trees."
Obviously, some letters offer fewer options. I can't think of a single food that starts with X. However, I can think of many foods that can be shaped into Xs, from fruit leather to carrot sticks, and that will have to do.