Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring adventure lunches

For the six-year-old:

-- Peanut butter on crackers; raisins; extra PB for the celery in the little red container;
-- Fruit "pudding";
-- Tomatoes, broccoli, celery, and carrots;
-- Bee-shaped cake;

For the parent:

-- Carrots and broccoli with ranch dip;
-- Butterfly-shaped cake;
-- Crackers with roasted chicken and cheese;
-- Almonds.
I wish I had some grapes to add this time.

The cakes are from a modified recipe from My Halal Kitchen: I replaced the blueberries with mini chocolate chips, reduced the sugar slightly, and baked for about 25 minutes in silicone molds.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Okay, first the lunches, then the news.

-- Raspberries;
-- Turkey sandwich; orange bell pepper;
-- Cucumbers;
-- Dried cranberries.

-- English muffin;
-- Cucumber slices;
-- Raspberries;
-- Almonds and raisins;
--  Frittata; bacon.

-- Pluot; carrot sticks;
-- Hummus; date-coconut bar;
-- Lemon (knife is included, not shown;
-- Sandwich.
Yes, my husband will cut up a lemon and eat it plain. I don't, but I see the appeal; at least lemon tastes better than grapefruit.

So now the news. As faithful readers (all six of you?) have noticed, I have not been posting often. No worries: life here is good. The lapses in blogging have happened because, to be completely candid, I have better things to do.

Don't get me wrong: we love food around here, and I still pack my husband's lunch two to four days a week, plus the occasional meal for a picnic or whatever (we're looking forward to one Saturday, in fact). But I'm no longer finding food blogging rewarding enough to merit a commitment to posting very regularly. I am homeschooling my Toddlebug, I've somehow wound up on two church committees, I have to put time into keeping the house from sliding from "lived in" to, um, slovenly (yay for the FLYLady!), and my cat apparently considers me full-time staff. And for some reason my dear husband would rather have me make dinner than tell the Internet about lunch! (Actually, I prefer that too--if he is in charge of dinner... well, he can't be in charge of dinner. Did I mention I'm a picky eater?) Plus, if I don't read a couple of books a week, get some exercise, knit for charity occasionally, cuddle up to my husband often, and get outside once in a while, I have trouble with my AoG (attitude of gratitude) and slip into more of a B---- range, which is not how I like to be.

TL; DR: It's time to make sure my time is invested in ways that meet important needs and support my personal goals.
  • This blog will revert to its old URL,, in a few weeks.
  • I will update if and when I have something interesting to show you.
Meanwhile, go visit the other blogs in the blogroll over on the right. Surf Pinterest for something veggielicious instead of all those crazy Cool-Whip-based desserts. Shop at the Farmers' Market and make something awesome for yourself and the people you love!

Take care.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chicken and veg

Here's my husband's lunch for today:

-- Chicken (I made our favorite roasted chicken, so this is left over; I simmered it with some taco spices this morning before packing it);
-- Baby carrots;
-- Hummus;
-- Red bell pepper and broccoli;
-- Dried cranberries.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


-- Ham and cheese roll-ups; broccoli and hummus; apricot;
-- Strawberries;
-- Pretzels.
 That wouldn't be a good lunch for me (I love grains!), but it was for my husband, as was the one below.

-- Grapes;
-- Hummus; pretzels; dried cranberries;
-- Date bar;
-- Broccoli;
-- Sandwich, halves and stacked to (mostly) fit.

If you're just taking up packing lunches (or trying to pack better ones), welcome! Your best bet is to have a variety of produce in the fridge--and if you're like me, no lunch money handy, so you won't be tempted to buy something that wouldn't be as good as homemade anyway. If you're not a morning person, by all means get your lunch made the night before and refrigerate it until you're ready to go.
In the right-hand margin, you'll find a blogroll of inspiration from other bento websites I like. Tell 'em Basic Bento sent you. :)